Personal Backup

For a long time we have been searching for a good replacement of Cobian Backup, as development seems to be stopped. We think we found an excellent replacement in Personal Backup. We have been testing it for a few months and now we are convinced. The previous line indicates that it was not easy, but that’s because the program has a lot of options and possibilities. This was because the interface is not very clear and sometimes a bit messy. That could certainly be better. But there is continuously development by the author Dr. J. Rathlev. Version 5.7 is in use and 5.8 is in beta. One can set and store in an unlimited number of backup jobs. This takes place through a tree-like structure in which folders, subfolders, etc. can be switched on or off. It is possible to filter. Folders can be set as a target, but it can also be an FTP server. Backups can be zipped, and optionally also be encrypted with an AES algorithm. Full, differential and incremental backups are possible. You can manually start the backup, but there are also a number of other options, and this is our favorite is after the first logout on a day. Furthermore, there may be set up all kind of backup schedules. Opportunities abound.

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