VeraCrypt makes it possible to secure your files. VeraCrypt is the continuation of TrueCrypt, whose development in 2014 was unexpectedly stopped by the developers, because it would not be 100% safe. The warning came as an unpleasant surprise without further explanation. On the basis of TrueCrypt, a group further developed, tested and extensively tested the code and declared it safe. Users of TrueCrypt can immediately get started with VeraCrypt. You can use it to create a virtual encrypted disk (VeraCrypt calls it a container) as a regular file on your hard drive, and “mount” as a real disk. It is possible to encrypt an entire hard disk partition or a part of it, but it can also be external device like a USB stick. In this container you can store data that you do not want to become public if you lose the stick. VeraCrypt also has a mode called Traveller. This allows to launch the VeraCrypt software on the stick automatically when it is connected to the drive of any computer. You can easily mount your password-protected disk and access your secured files.

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